Let Mr.&Mrs. Chicken LEARN to Eat
Issue Time:2016-12-02

When it comes to the question of feeding chicken on a farm, most of them prefer to use more natural way: throw the feed on the ground, or use plastic cup feeder. However, these methods are no longer efficient. Treadle feeder has become a new fashion for farm owners. It’s all about saving feed, more organized husbandry, and seems liked by Mr. and Mrs. Chickens.

We could list 3 main differences between treadle feeder and traditional chicken feeding method: FIRST, this is what farmers complain mostly about, that when they put feed on the ground or in cup feeders, wild birds, doves, sparrows or even mice will finish it off before the chickens do. For treadle feeders, chicken could still have easy access to their food, without the worry of being disturbed by other uninvited friends. SECOND, feed in the traditional plastic cup feeder is exposed to outside, thus easy to be ruined by rain or other bad weather elements, especially for large-scale poultry farms, a heavy rain could cause huge loss of feed. In a closed box like treadle feeder, feed is protected from outer influence. THIRD, the safety of chicken feeding used to be a problem because chicken might eat something wrong that leads to diseases. With treadle feeder and make them take it as the only food access, we could control what they eat and have more scientific husbandry.


According to animal psychologist, well-organized and regular behavior is helpful to make animals healthier. Using the treadle feeder, means guiding the chicken’s eating behavior, they slowly learn to eat from an appointed container at special places, like humans do. Hens would take the baby chickens to the treadle feeders and teach them how to open the box. This kind of process also enhances the chickens intelligence and improve their ability of action. Thus, it promotes chicken’s health as well as the efficiency of farm management.

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