Chicken, is what will change Ethiopia
Issue Time:2016-10-17


Ethiopia, located in eastern African plateau, is considered the most beautiful country in Africa for two inevitable reasons: first,it has unique natural scenery, with The Great Rift Valley across the whole country, making Ethiopia Ridge of Africa, on the coast line of Red Sea, and headstream of Blue Nile; second, this country is famous for being a land of maze and having a lot of gorgeous and elegant females.


However, this beautiful place is one of the worlds least developed countries. Although Ethiopia has abundant natural resources like gold, platinum, petroleum, natural gas, and plenty of water resources, named east African water tower, wars, regime change and natural disasters have made the economy decline towards collapse. Today, farming and husbandry breeding takes up a great proportion of Ethiopias economy. With weak industrial base, the average living standard of people in this country is under the poverty line.


Ethiopia has a population of 910 million, with 85% working on farming and husbandry, mainly on planting and livestock breeding, in the mode of family husbandry. More than half of the countrys land is suitable for husbandry. The local people enjoy having poultry meat for food, thus there is a huge market demand. Unfortunately, the industry of poultry incubation, breeding, slaughtering, and meat processing in Ethiopia is on a start-up level. With present technical capacity, it is impossible for them to realize scientific incubation, breeding and safe meat process. Thus the key factor of improving Ethiopias living standard is the quantity and quality of livestock husbandry industry.


    Among livestock husbandry, chicken raising is relatively faster and more efficient, and quite suitable for Ethiopias condition. The cost of raising chicken for peasants is really low: vaccinum is cheap; chicken can feed itself with worms and weeds; building a chicken house also cost very little. Latest news said Bill Gates, the worlds wealthiest man, recently stood on 68th floor of World Trade Center, promoting a new program which, as he announced, had a returning rate of 62 times: raising chicken. He demonstrated on the 5th Annual Forbes 400 Billionaire Charity that his goal goal is to increase the family chicken feeding rate in Western Africa from the current 5% to about 30%. The Bill and Melinda Gates Fundation has started this program in Ethiopia, building a huge chicken farm with 7 million dollars, to provide chicken to farmers for raising. With this program, if each peasant in Ethiopia raises 16 chicken, in one year one can produce chicken worth 1250 dollars, this number being twice of the lower poverty line. In May, the embassador of Ethiopia in China, Mr. Seyoum Mesfin Gebredingle, met with Mr. Wang Guangda, Chairman of Dezhou Furuida Imp&Exp Corporation and vice president of China International Chamber Dezhou branch, discussing the program of investing in Ethiopias agricultural industrial chain. It is said that Chinese Furuida corporation planned to invest greatly in Ethiopias poultry farming, in order to help Ethiopias poultry farming develop a trinity industrial chain, increasing breeding efficiency, changing the current condition, and driving local industrial development and economic growth.

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