Walking with Bill Gates
Issue Time:2016-10-12

Walking with Bill Gates, we eagerly and optimistically engage ourselves into poultry industry to make African people rich rapidly.




  Bill Gates, the world’s wealthiest man, recently stood on the 68th floor of World Trade Center, promoting a new program. Gates said this program would have an extremely high rate of return--chicken feeding.


  “Nothing will have a higher rate of return than chicken feeding. Our goal is to increase the family chicken feeding rate in Western Africa from the current 5% to about 30%. This is an ambitious plan that could improve the nutrition and income level of a world-class poverty area.” Gates demonstrates in his classical style, that everything is based on mathematical calculation: if a farmer feeds 3 hens and 1 rooster, 12 chicken will be born within 3 months, reproducing 250 within one year with a rate of return of almost 62 times. In Africa, the price of one chicken is about 5 US dollars (about 32 RMB), which means if you feed 4 set, which is 16 chicken, every year you can produce chicken worth 1250 dollars, this number being twice of the “lower poverty line”.


  Gates will provide seed funding to this project. His charity will invest 400 million US dollars in this chicken feeding plan every year, hoping to reach the 30% goal within 5 years. He has promoted this program in Ethiopia and has built a large chicken farm costing 7 million US dollars, providing chicken to farmers to feed.


  Another advantage of this program is: chicken feeding could help the feminist movement, for chicken could be fed around the house. Bigger livestock like cows and goats are supposed to be herded somewhere more distant, which fits man better. The job is important because women are more likely to spend their income on things like buying family food and paying for children education.


  In the late 1990s, Gates started to learn the agricultural condition in Africa, but until middle 2000s did he realize the potential of animal husbandry industry. After the third wealthiest man Warren E. Buffett promised to donate most of his property to the Gates Foundation, Gates pushed his movements in charitable agricultural products. Now his full-time job is to help families gain more wealth rapidly through chicken feeding. Chinese Furuida Import&Export Corporation, which has worked on poultry egg incubator equipment for years, will also work for this program along with Mr. Gates to help families with the need to feed chicken.


  “Knowledge is the best charity.” Bill Gates said, “To teach people to feed chicken is knowledge as well, actually at least in Western Africa, there could be more chicken keepers than fishermen

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